Week 4 a bit late. Mary Morrisette

Blessed to be up ready for class. Very rough week, not much homework done. My eye surgery though it is a blessing has been very tough on me. Left eye done, right eye this coming Wednesday. Due to having such bad astigmatism along with bad eye sight in general on my right eye. I have spent a lot of the past few weeks in bed. Dizzy, sick to my stomach a big part of the time along with some bad headaches.  After a recheck at my eye surgeons this week he assured me that I will feel 100 percent better after Wednesdays surgery. I will be required to wear cheaters for about five weeks until I am able to get my eyes rechecked for reading glasses. Needless to say doing the required reading has not happened.

After writing to my guide and explaining my situation, I had but decided to stop this course as I feel everyone is now at a different place then I am. I am so concerned I will never catch back up. My guide Jerry is so kind, and encouraged me not to give up. So better late then never.

Thank You MKMMA and Jerry for your words. I may be left behind, but I will continue the process. I will just get to where i’m going a few weeks later.


4 thoughts on “Week 4 a bit late. Mary Morrisette

  1. Someone recently said this to me. FOCUS ON THE PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION
    I have to remind myself, daily, did I do better than the last workout? better than the last week? better than last DMP?


  2. Don’t give up! Fighting with our subconscious is a battle for all of us! Even with the surgery and problems you still pressed in to do the Blog! Good for you!!! You can do this! 🙂


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