Week 3

Today is a rough day. After having surgery on my eye for cataracts and having a toric lens put in last week, then on the 28 having the other eye done. I thought It would be no big deal and I would be fine for class. Yikes! The good news is the who turned on the lights. Wow so great , the not so good news is not seeing. I no longer can use my glasses as even if I pop out the left lens I get very dizzy.  Cheater glasses I am also having the same reaction. I do now have a big magnifier that I can lay over papers and books, but my eyes truly hurt. I have such a head ache due to the strain I am putting on my eyes.

Now in having said that, I will not give up. My guess is five more weeks of this and I will get past it. I will not fail or give up this course. I can see such good changes happening. I wake up and spring out of bed each day now and take on my day with such delight. I am leaning so much and working on the women within. My husband says I don’t know who you are but I like it. lol MKMMA THANK YOU so much for letting me take part in this course. Also a big thanks to my guide Jerry for being so wonderful and gentle with my DMP. Cant wait for the next weeks class.


4 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. Standing in agreement for healing AND getting ‘past this’ NOW instead of five weeks from now . . . can you tell I’m a Believer! 🙂 You Got This! P.S. It’s fun to hear how much your husband is enjoying your journey!


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