Week 4 a bit late. Mary Morrisette

Blessed to be up ready for class. Very rough week, not much homework done. My eye surgery though it is a blessing has been very tough on me. Left eye done, right eye this coming Wednesday. Due to having such bad astigmatism along with bad eye sight in general on my right eye. I have spent a lot of the past few weeks in bed. Dizzy, sick to my stomach a big part of the time along with some bad headaches.  After a recheck at my eye surgeons this week he assured me that I will feel 100 percent better after Wednesdays surgery. I will be required to wear cheaters for about five weeks until I am able to get my eyes rechecked for reading glasses. Needless to say doing the required reading has not happened.

After writing to my guide and explaining my situation, I had but decided to stop this course as I feel everyone is now at a different place then I am. I am so concerned I will never catch back up. My guide Jerry is so kind, and encouraged me not to give up. So better late then never.

Thank You MKMMA and Jerry for your words. I may be left behind, but I will continue the process. I will just get to where i’m going a few weeks later.


Week 3

Today is a rough day. After having surgery on my eye for cataracts and having a toric lens put in last week, then on the 28 having the other eye done. I thought It would be no big deal and I would be fine for class. Yikes! The good news is the who turned on the lights. Wow so great , the not so good news is not seeing. I no longer can use my glasses as even if I pop out the left lens I get very dizzy.  Cheater glasses I am also having the same reaction. I do now have a big magnifier that I can lay over papers and books, but my eyes truly hurt. I have such a head ache due to the strain I am putting on my eyes.

Now in having said that, I will not give up. My guess is five more weeks of this and I will get past it. I will not fail or give up this course. I can see such good changes happening. I wake up and spring out of bed each day now and take on my day with such delight. I am leaning so much and working on the women within. My husband says I don’t know who you are but I like it. lol MKMMA THANK YOU so much for letting me take part in this course. Also a big thanks to my guide Jerry for being so wonderful and gentle with my DMP. Cant wait for the next weeks class.

Week 2

Excited about another week with MKMMA. Still feeling a bit overwhelmed but it’s all good. Working very hard on my world within. First week of ridding myself of bad habits and working on replacing them with good one has me thrilled.

Waking up early each morning these days has enabled me to get things done and work on me. On top of all these changes I just laded a part time job. so grammy can spoil her angels at Christmas.

PPN are done as is my DMP, send off for the second time. Time for some reading. Love how im finding myself so excited to take on the day these days. Time looking within is beginning to pay off for me.